Reimagining International Development

Volume 28, Issue 1 | March 2020

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In this issue, feminist activists suggest ways of doing development differently. By challenging racism,
colonialism and sexism within the sector, we can transform development into a global partnership between equals.

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Introduction: Reimagining International Development
Mary Ann Clements and Caroline Sweetman

Towards an intersectional praxis in international development: what can the sector learn from Black feminists located in the global North?
Neha Kagal and Lia Latchford

Re-imagining development by (re)claiming feminist visions of development alternatives
Tina Wallace

Building new practices of solidarity: the community mobilisation in crisis project Emily Regan Wills, Diana El Richani and Nadia Abu-Zahra

Making the case for a transformed development ecosystem: a feminist reflection on the experience of RootsLab in Lebanon
Rania Eghnatios and Francesca El Asmar

Decolonising emotional well-being and mental health in development: African feminist innovations
Jessica Horn

Disrupting and democratising development: community philanthropy as theory and practice
Jenny Hodgson

Caution! Feminists at work: building organisations from the inside out
Ella Scheepers and Ishtar Lakhani

Reimagining equity: redressing power imbalances between the global North and the global South
Alex Martins

Re-imagining resilience: supporting feminist women to lead development with transformative practice
Shawna Wakefield and Kristen Zimmerman

Using critical reflection to question self and power in international development
Brianna Strumm


Here you can find additional materials related to the issue. These are compiled by Liz Cooke

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Book Reviews

Gender Training: A Transformative Tool for Gender Equality by Lucy Ferguson. Reviewed by Ines Smyth

Engendering Transformative Change in International Development by Gillian Fletcher. Reviewed by Lata Narayanaswamy

Human Capital in Gender and Development by Sydney Calkin. Reviewed by Penny Griffin

Feminist Advocacy, Family Law and Violence Against Women; International Perspectives edited by Mahnaz Afkhami, Yakın Ertürk and Ann Elizabeth Mayer. Reviewed by Rothna Begum

The Global Gag Rule and Women’s Reproductive Health: Rhetoric Versus Reality by Yana van der Meulen Rodgers. Reviewed by Sally Theobald