Women, Work, and the Digital Economy: Our new Issue

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The Gender & Development team is happy to share its November 2022 issue on Women, Work and the Digital Economy. The massive scale at which the economy is undergoing digitalisation – in the form of digital labour platforms, mobile technologies and digital financial services, has had a transformative effect on work, labour relations, mobility of goods, people and services, and …

The link between Unpaid Care Work, Poverty and  Gender-Based Violence: Are we advocating enough for Care supporting policies?

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By Sharmishtha Nanda, Ruth Oloo, Amber Parkes, Anam Parvez Care is central to the well-being of humans.  Globally, women provide more than three-quarters of unpaid care work and make up two-thirds of the paid care workforce[1]. The goods and services produced through unpaid care work are critical in sustaining the “economically active” labour force on a daily and generational basis[2]. …

Call for Contributions: Volume 31, Issue 2&3: Decolonising Knowledge and Practice (Closed)

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The history of knowledge production and dissemination cannot be understood outside of the history of colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism that in turn underpin current neoliberal frameworks and institutions. Knowledge production is a process that entails power and is historically full of examples of colonial extraction and appropriation of knowledge systems from indigenous communities Furthermore, in the current global political context, which …

A Tribute to Dr. K Saradamoni

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by Dr. Kumkum Roy August 2022 I first met Sardamoni more than forty years ago, in the late 1970s. We were fledgling feminists at that time, and she welcomed us with affection, paying attention to what we thought and said, even, and especially if she disagreed with us, with refreshing openness and candor. We soon realized that she, and others …

A gender-responsive recovery: ensuring women’s decent work and transforming care provision: Our new issue

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G&D Editor Shivani Satija introduces the new issue. We are delighted to present this year’s first double issue of Gender & Development from the global South themed A gender-responsive recovery: Ensuring women’s decent work and transforming care provision. Collectively edited and shaped by a team of reputed feminist scholars and activists: Fatimah Kelleher, Jayati Ghosh and Valeria Esquivel, this issue …

Women's right march

CLOSED: Call for Contributions: Volume 31, Issue 1: Women human rights defenders

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Women human rights defenders constitute an integral, though often invisible and unrecognised part of social justice movements and efforts. The significant contribution of WHRDs towards mobilising progressive social and political change is increasingly being recognised. They rise against divisive forces, corporations, fundamentalist groups and totalitarian governments, while protecting the rights of the marginalised and vulnerable. There is increasing evidence that …

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#IWD2022 : Eight Must-Read Articles From Gender & Development

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This year the theme for International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias.” Gender biases – whether conscious or unconscious – are the most persistent threat to women’s social and economic progress, especially in countries of the Global South. The Global Gender Gap Report, 2020, found that at the current rate of progression, we will achieve gender parity in 99.5 years. …

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CLOSED Call for Contributions: Women, Work and the Digital Economy

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In 2016, the digital economy was valued at USD 11.5 trillion, or 15 per cent of the world’s GDP, and it is projected to grow rapidly – but are women and other socio-economically marginalised groups able to reap the benefits of this growth? Globally, there is a glaring gender digital divide, especially in the Global South, that manifests at the …

Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis: Our new issue

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G&D Editorial Team member Liz Cooke introduces the new issue. Welcome to this special double issue of Gender & Development, guest edited by Sohela Nazneen and Awino Okech and co-edited by Diya Dutta, Rita Soares, Liz Cooke and Ines Smyth. We are in unprecedented times. The world is facing impending climate disaster, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the global refugee and …

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CLOSED Call for contributions: A Gender-Responsive Recovery: Ensuring Women’s Decent Work and Transforming Care Provision

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CALL NOW CLOSED The COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses to its economic fallout have significantly undermined efforts to advance women’s economic justice. One year into the pandemic, it is now widely recognized that the pandemic, associated lockdowns and other containment measures have disproportionately impacted women, especially those experiencing other intersecting inequalities on the basis of race, class, gender identity, and …