Feminist Protest and Politics in a World in Crisis

Volume 29, Issue 2&3 | July-November 2021

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In a world overshadowed by the climate crisis, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, rampant economic inequality and rising levels of intolerance and extremism, feminist activism continues unabated.

This special double issue of G&D explores the topic of feminist protests and politics, bringing together articles from activists, researchers and practitioners from across the globe.

Case studies and analyses explore local, national and transnational feminist movements and organising, the impact of women in formal political roles, the backlash against women’s rights, and more. Taken together they demonstrate that feminists everywhere are continuing to demand rights and gender justice, despite the multiple challenges they face.

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Introduction: feminist protests and politics in a world in crisis
Sohela Nazneen and Awino Okech

Nothing is as it seems: ‘discourse capture’ and backlash politics
Tessa Lewin

Femonationalism and anti-gender backlash: the instrumental use of gender equality in the
nationalist discourse of the Fratelli d’Italia party
Daria Colella

Gendered violences and resistances to development: body, land, territory, and violences against women in postwar Guatemala
Julia Hartviksen

Women organising in fragility and conflict: lessons from the #BringBackOurGirls movement, Nigeria
Martin Atela, Ayobami Ojebode, Racheal Makokha, Marion Otieno and Tade Aina

A new feminist ethic that unites and mobilizes people: the participation of young people in
Argentina’s Green Wave
Gabriela Artazo, Agustina Ramia and Sofia Menoyo

#EndSARS movement in Nigeria: tensions and solidarities amongst protesters
Onyeka Antoinette Nwabunnia

Gendered social media communication around mining: patriarchy, diamonds, and seeking feminist solidarity online
Juliet Gudhlanga and Samuel J. Spiegel

Women and protest politics in Pakistan
Ayesha Khan, Asiya Jawed and Komal Qidwai

Visible outside, invisible inside: the power of patriarchy on female protest leaders in conflict and violence-affected settings
Jalila Haider and Miguel Loureiro

Fighting all demons: feminist voices on popular protests in Lebanon and the Middle East and
North Africa (MENA) region
Hadeel Qazzaz

‘Nenhum passo atrás’ (Not a step back): Brazilian Black women’s resistance in the era of Bolsonaro’s far-right government
Bruna Pereira and Macarena Aguilar

The resistance strikes back: women’s protest strategies against backlash in India
Deepta Chopra

South–South symbolic transnationalism: echoing the performance ‘A Rapist in Your Path’ in Latin America
Ana López Ricoy

When a movement moves within a movement: Black women’s feminist activism within trade unions
madeleine kennedy-macfoy, Tamara Gausi and Chidi King

Unpacking Bangladesh’s ‘women’s leadership paradox’ through the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act of 2010
Pragyna Mahpara

Protecting public health in adverse circumstances: subnational women leaders and feminist policymaking during COVID-19
Jennifer M. Piscopo and Malliga Och

Women’s movements under women presidents: bringing a gender perspective to the legal system
Ramona Vijeyarasa

Do women’s rights organisations need ‘femocrats’? The negotiation of the Peruvian–Spanish agreement for development co-operation 2013–2016
Susana Araujo

The story of the Doria Feminist Fund: de-colonising the funding narrative in the MENA region
Lina Abou-Habib, Mozn Hassan and Carla Akil

Chords of solidarity, notes of dissent: the role of feminist conferences in movement-building in India
Manjima Bhattacharjya


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Book Reviews

The Care Crisis: What Caused It and How Can We End It? by Emma Dowling. Reviewed by Amber Parkes

Informal Women Workers in the Global South: Policies and Practices for the Formalisation of Women’s Employment in Developing Economies edited by Jayati Ghosh. Reviewed by Françoise Carré and Martha Chen

Engendering Climate Change: Learnings from South Asia edited by Asha Hans, Nitya Rao, Anjal Prakash and Amrita Patel. Reviewed by Irene Dankelman

The Rise and Decline of Patriarchal Systems: An Intersectional Political Economy by Nancy Folbre. Reviewed by Deborah Eade

Women’s Economic Empowerment: Insights from Africa and South Asia edited by Kate Grantham, Gillian Dowie and Arjan de Haan. Reviewed by Nedha da Silva

Dying to Count: Post-abortion Care and Global Reproductive Health Politics in Senegal by Siri Suh. Reviewed by Sydney Calkin