Volume 28, Issue 1 | March 2021

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Our health and well-being is determined by a variety of factors. Social and economic inequalities play out in the area of health leading to unequal health outcomes, something only too evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Applying a gender lens helps us understand the way harmful gender norms help perpetuate ill-health and inequality.

The researchers, activists and practitioners who have contributed to this issue explore gender-differentiated experiences across a wide range of health contexts from around the world.

Their articles underscore the need for an intersectional feminist approach to be adopted to first recognise, and then tackle, the inequalities that prevent so many from enjoying the good health that we all have a right to.


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Below, you can find free access to the Introduction, four articles, and the Resources and Book Reviews sections of the issue.

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Introduction: Gender, development, and health
Janice Cooper, Renu Khanna, Ines Smyth and Sally Theobald

Right to health, right to live: domestic workers facing the COVID-19 crisis in Latin America
Louisa Acciari, Juana del Carmen Britez and Andrea del Carmen Morales Pérez

‘No one understands what we go through’: self-identification of health risks by women sanitation workers in Pune, India during the COVID-19 pandemic
Ravikant Kisana and Nioshi Shah

COVID-19 and gender-based violence (GBV): hard-to-reach women and girls, services, and programmes in Kenya
Neetu John, Charlotte Roy, Mary Mwangi, Neha Raval and Terry McGovern

Gender, health, and development in post-war Sri Lanka: access to health care for resettled women in Jaffna
Bharathi Radhakrishnan, Jane Parpart, Dhanya Ratnavale and Courtenay Sprague

‘Mama take us to a country where there is no war’: COVID-19 and mental health challenges for Syrian refugee women in Lebanon
Sarine Karajerjian

Exploring gender, health, and intersectionality in informal settlements in Freetown
Abu Conteh, Annie Wilkinson and Joseph Macarthy

A sexual and reproductive health rights approach to menstruation
Margaret A. McLaren and Monalisa Padhee

Enhancing social accountability through adolescent and youth leadership: a case study on sexual and reproductive health from Gujarat, India
Sangeeta Mecwan, Manushi Sheth and Renu Khanna

How is eye care seeking affected by intersectional experiences? A study of ageing women in the Indian Sundarbans
Debjani Barman and Manasee Mishra

The rise of non-communicable disease (NCDs) in Mozambique: decolonising gender and global health
Claire Somerville and Khatia Munguambe


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Book Reviews

Facing Patriarchy: From a Violent Gender Order to a Culture of Peace by Bob Pease. Reviewed by Jerker Edström

Handbook on Gender in Asia edited by Shirlena Huang and Kanchana N. Ruwanpura. Reviewed by Chien-Juh Gu

The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence Against Women: Cases from the South edited by Kumudini Samuel, Claire Slatter and Vagisha Gunasekara for DAWN. Reviewed by Beatrice Atim Alupo