Climate Crisis

Volume 28, Issue 3 | November 2020

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The effects of climate change continue to grow ever more severe. As the world attempts to deal with the worsening climate crisis, it is vital that efforts to combat it incorporate a gender perspective, so as not to exacerbate existing gender inequalities.

In this issue of Gender & Development, activists, researchers and development practitioners outline feminist responses to the climate crisis.

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Introduction: Gender, development, and the climate crisis
Irene Dankelman and Kavita Naidu

Strengthening climate resilience and women’s networks: Brazilian inspiration from agroecology
Cíntya Feitosa and Marina Yamaoka

Caregivers at the frontline of addressing the climate crisis
Myrah Nerine Butt, Saleha Kamal Shah and Fareeha Ali Yahya

Debt and climate: entangled emergencies derailing women’s rights and gender justice
Iolanda Fresnillo

Intersectionality and collective action: visioning a Feminist Green New Deal in the US
Tara Daniel and Mara Dolan

Rural women’s participation in solar-powered irrigation in Niger: lessons from Dimitra Clubs
Olumide Adisa

Gender in the modernisation of waste management: key lessons from fieldwork in Bhutan, Mongolia and Nepal
Joni Seager, Ieva Rucevska and Tina Schoolmeester

Can we turn the tide? Confronting gender inequality in climate policy
Sophia Huyer, Mariola Acosta, Tatiana Gumucio and Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham

Feminist Participatory Action Research as a tool for climate justice
Naomi Joy Godden, Pam MacNish, Trimita Chakma and Kavita Naidu

‘The seas are rising and so are we!’ – a conversation between two women in Extinction Rebellion
Ines Smyth and Lucy Walters


Here you can find additional materials related to the issue. These are compiled by Liz Cooke.

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Book Reviews

Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World by Leslie Kern. Reviewed by Melissa Butcher

After Repeal: Rethinking Abortion Politics by Kath Browne and Sydney Calkin. Reviewed by Maria Tanyag

Handbook on Gender and Violence edited by Laura Shepherd. Reviewed by Helen Stenger