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Call for Contributions: Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis

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Find our call for contributions here:

In November 2021 we are publishing a special double issue on the theme of Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis.

Closing date for ideas for articles is 2 March 2021.

The world is experiencing a multiplicity of crises. A climate catastrophe is looming, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe. Wars and ethnic violence have forced millions to leave their homes.  Right-wing, nationalist governments and religious fundamentalisms are seeking to limit the rights of women, LGBTQI people, migrants and minorities at the local and the international level.

However, feminists and gender justice activists around the world are rising to meet these challenges. From the digital sphere, to street protests and political engagement, feminist activism is challenging the forces, rhetoric and narratives that threaten a safe, just and equal future for all.

For this issue of G&D, we want to hear from all those – of all backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities, ages – who are engaged in feminist politics and organising to make the world a better place. We’d love you to share your ideas for articles for this issue with us. 

Interested in contributing to the issue? For more information read our Call for Contributions: Feminist Protests and Politics in a World in Crisis

Please email your idea to the co-editor, Rita Soares at GenderDevelopment@oxfam.org.uk. Joining the G&D’s team as guest editors are Awino Okech of SOAS University of London, and Sohela Nazneen, of the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.

Please read and share the Call and remember, if you want to send us your idea, the deadline is 2 March 2021.

Picture credit: At a village rally, Nuzhat Ansari, a worker with Indian NGO
Samparpan, calls for recognition of the rights of rural women. © Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam