Announcing our new 2020-21 themes…

Caroline Sweetman Uncategorized

Announcing four future themes for future journal issues from July 2020 – July 2021. A big thank you to all of you who contacted us to make suggestions.

In June 2020, we’re going to bring out a special issue to mark Beijing + 25 – the anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women in China which was both a hard-won victory for feminist agendas, and – some would say – the start of a two and a half decade-long struggle to hold the line. See our Call for Contributions for the Beijing issue here.

Following that we’re going to focus on an overwhelmingly popular choice of theme in November 2020 – Climate Crisis. Climate was the number one suggestion from all of you. We last focused on it in an issue titled Climate Changes and Climate Justice in 2009, featuring feminist analysis and voices from the front lines of action – advocacy, campaigning and community-level activism to enable survival and support the resilience of the communities most directly affected by environmental degradation and extreme weather events. Sad to say that this time we’re using the language of crisis in our title, consciously shifting the terms of debate. But we will address the issue with (renewable!) energy and optimism, sharing feminist perspectives and activism in the cause of sustainable, humane and just, development. The Call for Contributions will be coming in autumn this year, here on the site.

In 2021, we’ll start the year with a March issue on Health, in collaboration with health specialists around the world focusing on the whole spectrum of women’s and girls’ health concerns. And in July 2021, we’ll publish an issue on Feminist Politics – focusing on formal politics, women’s political participation and pushing feminist agendas at all levels.

Calls for Contributions for all these issues will be announced on this site as we post them – which happens around a year to ten months before the month of publication. As always, we welcome ideas for contributions from all feminists working across research, policy and practice, with experience and insights to share.

Picture credit: “Women Rise for Climate Justice (Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal)”by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0