Call for Contributions: Volume 32, Issue 1: Gender and Public Space (Call Closed)

Anandita Ghosh Call for contributions

The meaning and purpose of public space continues to be discussed across the disciplines of geography, urban studies, and gender studies. Gendered access to public space has been widely deliberated in both academic and activist contexts in this century, with significant research on its relationship with caste, class, gender, and disability. Although public spaces are considered integral to cities, there …

Call for Contributions: Volume 31, Issue 2&3: Decolonising Knowledge and Practice (Closed)

Anandita Ghosh Call for contributions

The history of knowledge production and dissemination cannot be understood outside of the history of colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism that in turn underpin current neoliberal frameworks and institutions. Knowledge production is a process that entails power and is historically full of examples of colonial extraction and appropriation of knowledge systems from indigenous communities Furthermore, in the current global political context, which …

woman working on computer

CLOSED Call for Contributions: Women, Work and the Digital Economy

Nilanjana Bhowmick Call for contributions, Gender & Development Journal

In 2016, the digital economy was valued at USD 11.5 trillion, or 15 per cent of the world’s GDP, and it is projected to grow rapidly – but are women and other socio-economically marginalised groups able to reap the benefits of this growth? Globally, there is a glaring gender digital divide, especially in the Global South, that manifests at the …