Help choose G&D’s themes for 2020-21!

Caroline Sweetman Uncategorized

Happy holidays to all! Calling all feminists working inside and outside international development and humanitarian work. We’re looking for five future themes for issues from July 2020 – July 2021. This is the first time we’ve gone public online with this ask. See a full list of all the themes we’ve ever covered here. (Meanwhile here in the G&D office, our lives are flashing before us!)

To get you thinking about what you’d like to see us publish – we look for two kinds of themes.

First, the journal has a proud history of publishing on themes which are current or emerging ‘hot topics’ for feminists working inside – and parallel to! – international development and humanitarianism – what do you think these hot emerging topics are right now?

A second set of themes are critical, ‘core’ concerns for development and humanitarian work, from a feminist perspective. Some of them we’ll have covered in the past, but now see the need to return to. What do you think these are as we start 2019?  As you’ll see from our past themes, sometimes we revisit a topic where a whole field of practice has grown up since the last time we did an issue. Or maybe the context or framing have changed. For example, in 2002 we published an issue on Climate Change; in 2009 we revisited the theme, framed as Climate Change and Climate Justice; in 1997 we led the way on Masculinities, in 2013 we focused on Working with Men for Gender Equality.

And remember – the journal serves the whole development and humanitarian sector, but frames its themes in ways that the wider world will understand, aiming to inspire!

To share your ideas for themes, please email Caroline Sweetman at, before 28 February 2019. We’ll post again about themes that emerge, and to announce our selection.