Call for Contributions: Climate Crisis

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Announcing our Climate Crisis issue’s Call for Contributions. The issue will be published in November 2020, and the deadline for us to receive ideas for articles is 6th January 2020.

Five years after the international community signed the Paris Agreement, committing it to take action, climate crisis is now clearly evident, causing disasters and suffering across the world. Yet there is still insufficient will among the powerful to take the action needed. Human development has to be re-routed, and feminist and environmental economic principles are key.

While it’s now too late to prevent the crisis, feminists are pushing for the radical and rapid policy changes and action required to mitigate and prevent future damage to people and planet. Feminist natural resource defenders are calling for radical change to protect the planet and all forms of life on it. They demand justice for marginalised peoples – and in particular women and girls living in poverty in the global South – whose lives are devastated by the dangers, insecurities and wants associated with droughts, melting ice caps and rising sea levels, food insecurity, ecosystem changes and vector-caused disease spreading.

Many of the women directly affected in poor and marginalised communities are at the forefront of activism on climate change. And others, personally less affected, are with them. There is a growing sense of global solidarity stretching across the world, linking in wide networks to protest, to challenge, to rebuild our vision of development and humanity’s place in the ecosystem.

We’d like the issue to feature perspectives, strategies and experiences of feminist activists of all generations, working across international development research, policy and practice, and in women’s rights/feminist activism. Leading the way are two guest co-editors for the issue: Irene Dankelman (sustainable development specialist and author of Gender and Climate Change: an Introduction), and Kavita Naidu (Climate Justice Programme Officer, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development).

Please read and share the Call and remember, if you want to send us your idea, the deadline is 6th January 2020.

Picture credit: “Women Rise for Climate Justice (Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal)”by is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0