Natural Resource Justice

Volume, 25, Issue 3 | November, 2017


Natural resources – land, water, forests – are essential to life on Earth. They also offer the promise of great wealth. Large-scale exploitation can have a devastating impact on some of the world’s poorest communities. Gender equality is core to attaining sustainable, just human development, and hence, key to securing natural resource justice.

Contributors to this issue share case studies and analysis, seeking to unpack what it would take to put gender equality and women’s rights at the centre of natural resource justice and support struggles to hold governments and big business to account.

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Introduction: Natural Resource Justice
Caroline Sweetman and Maria Ezpeleta

The effects of resource extraction on Inuit women and their families: evidence from Canada
Elana Nightingale, Karina Czyzewski, Frank Tester and Nadi Aaruaq

Indigenous women's struggles to oppose state-sponsored deforestation in Chhattisgarh, India
Sulakshana Nandi and Samir Garg

Indigenous women's anti-mining activism: a gendered analysis of the El Estor struggle in Guatemala
Kalowatie Deonandan, Rebecca Tatham and Brennan Field

Extractives vs development sovereignty: building living consent rights for African women
The WoMin Collective

Lessons learnt from gender impact assessments of hydropower projects in Laow and Vietnam
Christina Hill, Phan Thi Ngoc Thuy, Jacqueline Storey and Silavanh Vongphosy

Artisanal gold mining: both a woman's and a man's world. A Uganda case study
Ivan Mpagi, Nalubega Flavia Ssamula, Beatrice Ongode, Sally Henderson and Harriet Gimbo Robinah

Integrating a gender perspective into transparency and accountability initiatives: three case studies
Alice Powell

Going underground in South African platinum mines to explore women miners' experiences
Asanda Benda


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Book Reviews

Edited by Liz Cooke

Women, Politics, and Democracy in Latin America
edited by Tomáš Došek, Flavia Freidenberg, Mariana Caminotti and Betilde Muñoz-Pogossin. Reviewed by Tiffany D. Barnes