Conflict and violence

Volume 21, Issue 3, November 2013

A woman and her child take shelter as a Syrian air force jet bombs the streets surrounding her home in Aleppo. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam GB.

The articles in this issue of G&D focus on the complicated and context-specific relationship between gender inequality and violence and conflict, and debate ways to end gender-based violence (GBV) in its many pernicious forms. Formally ending conflict is not enough to end GBV. Long term, transformative change is necessary in order to advance women’s rights in conflict and post-conflict contexts.


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Introduction to Conflict and Violence
Caroline Green and Caroline Sweetman


War and security, women and gender: an overview of the issues
Cynthia Cockburn

From the private to the public sphere: new research on women’s participation in peace-building
Zohra Moosa, Maryam Rahmani and Lee Webster

Girl soldiers: towards a gendered understanding of wartime recruitment, participation, and demobilisaton
Myriam Denov and Alexandra Ricard-Guay

‘When does the end begin?’ Addressing gender-based violence in post-conflict societies: case studies from Zimbabwe and El Salvador
Alivelu Ramisetty and Muthoni Muriu

From spoils to weapons: framing wartime sexual violence
Kerry F. Crawford

Political transition and sexual and gender-based violence in South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe: a comparative analysis
Kylie Thomas, Masheti Masinjila and Eunice Bere

Gender, conflict, and peace building: how conflict can catalyse positive change for women
Julie Arostegui

Gender-based violence and the Arms Trade Treaty: reflections from a campaigning and legal perspective
Caroline Green, Deepayan Basu Ray, Claire Mortimer and Kate Stone


Compiled by Liz Cooke
Conflict and violence Resources List

Views, events, and debates (subscriber-only access)
Edited by Liz Cooke

Book Reviews

Edited by Liz Cooke

Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women
Reviewed by Claire Langhamer

Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War: Perceptions, Prescriptions, Problems in the Congo and Beyond
Reviewed by Natasha Price

Reclaiming the F Word: Feminism Today
Reviewed by Deborah Eade

Aid, NGOs and the Realities of Women’s Lives: A Perfect Storm
Reviewed by Helen Derbyshire

Gendering and Diversifying Trade Union Leadership
Reviewed by Nora Wintour

The Sexual History of the Global South: Sexual Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Reviewed by Deborah Eade

Time Use Studies and Unpaid Care Work
Reviewed by Thalia Kidder

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