Post-disaster humanitarian work

Volume 20, Issue 2, July 2012

Humanitarian agencies are increasingly taking gender into account in their programmes, but what is best practice?

Gender & Development‘s humanitarian issue looks at the contribution women and girls make to the survival of households and communities in the aftermath of disasters and the importance of recognising and valuing this. The issue features articles on gender based violence in post-disaster Haiti, gender and temporary housing in Pakistan as well other examples from Nepal, Indonesia, Japan and Kenya.


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Introduction: Post-disaster humanitarian work
Joanna Hoare, Ines Smyth and Caroline Sweetman


Using sex and age disaggregated data to improve humanitarian response in emergencies
Prisca Benelli, Dyan Mazurana and Peter Walker

Improving the effectiveness of humanitarian action: progress in implementing the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Gender Marker
Siobhán Foran, Aisling Swaine and Kate Burns

Gender and building homes in disaster in Sindh, Pakistan
Shaheen Ashraf Shah

Women and the 2011 East Japan Disaster
Fumie Sato

Helping international non-government organisations (INGOs) to include a focus on gender-based violence during the emergency phase: lessons learned from Haiti 2010-2011
Sarah Jeanne Davoren

After the earthquake: gender inequality and transformation in post-disaster Haiti
Lynn Horton

Women’s empowerment for disaster risk reduction and emergency response in Nepal
Rajesh Dhungel and Ram Nath Ojha

Looking beyond gender in humanitarian interventions: a study of a drought-stricken region of Kenya
Wilson O. Ndenyele and Fathima Azmiya Badureen

The warias of Indonesia in disaster risk reduction: the case of the 2010 Mt Merapi eruption in Indonesia
Benigno Balgos, J.C. Gaillard and Kristinne Sanz


Post-disaster Humanitarian Work Resources List
Compiled by Liz Cooke

Views, events and debates
Edited by Liz Cooke

Book Reviews

Edited by Liz Cooke

Women, Gender and Development in Rural China
reviewed by Jude Howell

Women and the Teaching Profession: Exploring the Feminisation Debate
reviewed by Kate Greany

The Future of Feminism
reviewed by Fenella Porter

Feminism Counts: Quantitative Methods and Researching Gender
reviewed by Gwendolyn Beetham

Transnationalism Reversed: Women Organizing Against Gendered Violence in Bangladesh
reviewed by Azza Basarudin