Volume 19, Issue 3, November 2011



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Introduction to Citizenship
Caroline Sweetman, Jo Rowlands and Lina Abou-Habib


Preventing the gendered reproduction of citizenship: the role of social movements in South Africa
Meghan Cooper

Women’s agency and citizenship across transnational identities: a case study fot he Bangladeshi diaspora in the UK
Fatema Jahan

Supporting the collective power of Bolivian women to attain citizenship rights: the Raising Her voice project
Soledad Muñiz and Hannah Beardon

Gender and fragile citizenship in Uganda: the case of Acholi women
Marjoke Oosterom

Citizenship rights and women’s roles in development in post-conflict Nepal
Bijan Pant and Kay Standing

Locating young women in a plethora of issues: reflections from the tenth Young Women Leader’s Conference 2010
Melanie Reyes and Anamaine Asinas

The ‘right to have rights’: active citizenship and gendered social entitlements in Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine
Lina Abou-Habib

What are the opportunities to promote gender equity and equality in conflct -affected and fragile states? Insights from a review of evidence
Helen O’Connell


Key Resources on Citizenship
Compiled by Liz Cooke

Views, events, and debates (subscriber-only access)
Edited by Liz Cooke