Volume 19, Issue 1, March 2011


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Introduction to Migration
Caroline Sweetman


Remittances and transnational families in Italy and The Philippines: breaking the global care chain
Charito Basa, Wendy Harcourt and Angela Zarro

Climate change and migration: a case study from rural Bangladesh
Katha Kartiki

Gendering remittances in Albania: a human and social development perspective
Julie Vullnetari and Russell King

Feminised financial flows: how gender affects remittances in Honduran-US transnational families
Allison Petrozziello

The impact of remittances on gender roles and opportunities for children in recipient families: research from the International Organization for Migration
Sylvia Lopez-Ekra, Christine Agharzarm, Henriette Kötter and Blandine Mollard

Constructing ‘modern gendered civilised’ women and men: gender-mainstreaming in refugee camps
Katarzyna Grabska

Protecting migrant domestic workers in the UK
Krisnah Poinasamy

Who cares? HIV-related sickness, urban-rural linkages, and the gendered role of care in return migration in South Africa
Lorena Núñez Carrasco, Jo Vearey and Scott Drimie

The influence of male migration of female resources, independence, and development in Gambian villages
Björn Gunnarsson


Key Resources on Migration
Compiled by Liz Cooke

Views, events, and debates (subscriber-only access)
Edited by Liz Cooke