Learning Project: Gender and the Economic Crisis Learning Project

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In 2009 Gender & Development led a learning project on gender and the economic crisis in partnership with Oxfam GB.

Project aims

To provide a forum for researchers, academics, feminist activists and gender and development advocates and community workers to come together to focus on gender equality and women’s rights in the economic crisis, and to position Oxfam as a leader on these issues.

The project aimed to result in:

  • Mapping, learning and networking of what we know to date about the impact of the economic crisis on women and gender relations, and future implications for national growth, poverty alleviation and feminist empowerment.
  • A clearer knowledge of good research, activism and support at grassroots level, and who is doing each of these.
  • A shared agenda informed by our analysis of our different comparative advantages in different locations and institutions, and better knowledge of potential for future shared activism and intiatives.

Discussion paper

The Oxfam International Discussion paper, Gender Perspectives on the Global Economic Crisis by Richard King, Oxfam GB policy researcher, and Dr Caroline Sweetman, Editor of Gender & Development was published on 3rd February 2010.

Gender & Development Special Issue: The Economic Crisis

The Special Issue was published in July 2010, edited by Caroline Sweetman with guest editor Professor Ruth Pearson of the Centre for Development Studies, University of Leeds, UK.

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